Image Cereal magazine Aspen by Kate Holstein

Cereal – just about the coolest publication on the planet

Despite my best intentions to blog more regularly, I have days, even weeks, when I am just too busy with other projects to find the time. When this happens, rather than write something quick and crappy, I have decided to post imagery-based articles instead. Afterall, who amongst us doesn’t love a swoon inducing image? For those […] Read more…

Nature photographs of Eliot Porter

The pioneering landscape photography of Eliot Porter

If you have a fondness for taking photographs of lichen-covered stones, the bark on a tree trunk, falling leaves in Autumn or any other nature image, then like myself, you owe a debt to American photographer Eliot Porter (1901-1990). Widely emulated today, Porter was a pioneer of colour photography at a time when serious photographers […] Read more…

Photographic digital collage by Ruud van Empel

Digital collages – artworks by Ruud van Empel

I’m in love with these images by Dutch artist, Ruud van Empel. The plants, the colours and those … oh so gorgeous children. Black children in European middle-class attire from the 1960s stand bold and wide-eyed surrounded by green and lush tropical plants. Staring straight ahead, the childrens’ faces are expressionless. They look real, albeit […] Read more…

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