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Daisy loves board 2

Daisy loves #2

I never cease to be amazed at what some creative people dream up.  For the second Daisy Loves post, I have curated a board of images that inspire me anew every time I see them.  Ranging from the small and exquisite embroidered and crochet leaves by Susanna Bauer through to Tokujin Yoshioka’s large billowing cloud […] Read more…

Daisy loves Marc Jacobs Daisy, Prada, Joe Jin Design daisy rug

Daisy Loves #1

For what seems like an eternity, I have wanted to start a blog, and today is the day. No more procrastinating! Suffice to say, I come from an older generation that by and large feels a little bit uncomfortable about sharing ‘stuff’ on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and so on. It all feels a little bit narcissistic right? Nevertheless […] Read more…