Artistic Endeavours

Nature photographs of Eliot Porter

The pioneering landscape photography of Eliot Porter

If you have a fondness for taking photographs of lichen-covered stones, the bark on a tree trunk, falling leaves in Autumn or any other nature image, then like myself, you owe a debt to American photographer Eliot Porter (1901-1990). Widely emulated today, Porter was a pioneer of colour photography at a time when serious photographers […] Read more…

Photographic digital collage by Ruud van Empel

Digital collages – artworks by Ruud van Empel

I’m in love with these images by Dutch artist, Ruud van Empel. The plants, the colours and those … oh so gorgeous children. Black children in European middle-class attire from the 1960s stand bold and wide-eyed surrounded by green and lush tropical plants. Staring straight ahead, the childrens’ faces are expressionless. They look real, albeit […] Read more…

Paper art of Erwina Zi

The paper art of Erwina Ziomkowska

Employing a number of methods such as piercing, scratching and grooving, Polish artist Erwina Ziomkowska creates art using just paper and pins. Beautiful and delicate, these “works refer directly to the monotony and long-term changes that underlie the relationship of repetition”. What can I say? I am in awe of her patience for painstakingly transforming […] Read more…

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