Welcome to Daisy Loves Design, where I get to share my passion for all things ‘green’. The main focus of this blog is landscape design and architecture, gardens, and landscape inspired or related products and art. I mainly feature other designers’ work both here in New Zealand and around the world, but occasionally I might throw a little of mine in too.

I am a landscape architect lucky enough to be living in the beautiful city of Auckland, New Zealand. In a former life, I travelled extensively but now find my time is taken up with family and home, the occasional design project, and retailing with the recent launch of online store – Limpopo Design Store. According to my husband, I also spend far too much time ‘surfing the net’ and on Pinterest – but like all addictions, they have taken an unshakeable hold on me.  I love the absolute wealth of design ‘goodness’ out there and here on this blog I get to combine two of the things I love most – writing and design.

My initial intention was to blog about pretty much everything. However, along the way this changed as I realised there already was an abundance of fantastic lifestyle and home-related blogs out there. What was missing (at least in my opinion) were good landscape inspired blogs that weren’t focussed primarily on gardening and plants. Not to say, I don’t love plants or gardening – I do. It’s just that I am more interested in the design side of things. Suffice to say however, I still plan to blog about lifestyle, interiors, homes, fashion, music and anything else that I am currently crushing on – it just won’t be my main focus.

So join me in my travels throughout the global marketplace as I bring to you all things truly awesome and probably ‘green’. And if you want to say hello, please do as I would love to hear from you.

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